Leg Sports Massage


Mr Robert Wells, Woodford

"I have been a client of Kirk's for several weeks now and I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I have noticed a massive difference in my flexibility, my general levels of energy and most of all, there is now a distinct lack of pain in my lower back. Thanks to Kirk, I am playing golf regularly without pain and even running again from time to time."

Mrs Donna Forster, Epping

"Working as a nurse, I am constantly on my feet and as a result, I get a million and one little aches and pains. Since Kirk has been treating me, I am happy to report that 99‰ of those aches and pains have completely vanished and I am feeling so much more like my old self again. Loads of energy and overal I feel much happier in myself."

Mr David Nicolls, Chelmsford

"I work as a builder and I also play semi-pro football. I am always picking up little knocks and niggles. But Kirk has straightened me out with some of his healing hands stuff. I am finding myself more flexible and agile at football, and I pick up a lot fewer injuries now too. Cheers Kirk."

Ms Lucy Hancock, Harlow

"I have Kirk over once a week for a relaxing massage. It is amazing. I always feel so refreshed afterwards. He has healing hands, and whenever I have had a rough week of it, with work making me stressed I know I can rely on my massage to make all of my stress just melt away!"

Ms Kylie Jane, Leytonstone

"I am a regular runner, and I have been training for a half marathon lately. Without Kirk, I wouldn't have been able to keep up such an intense schedule. The real sports massage can make you a bit tender, but it really works out all of the kinks and allows you to be back out, training and running at full capacity in no time."